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Having a fair, brilliant skin is a women’s thing of the past. Nowadays, even men are very distinct about having a glowing skin. With this high demand for beauty products we saw that they price shoots like a star in the night in the open sky. And that no matter how much it cost as long as it would keep its promise, you will surely purchase such product. Who doesn’t want to have a moisturized face without dead skin? A clean, tidy face reflects once soul isn’t it? I was able to try some of the Home remedies after a couple of weeks, although I haven’t able to capture my after self-photo for comparison. I usually do the Granulated sugar, Olive Oil and Lemon. I first clean my face with Celeteque together with warm water. This open ups the pores in the face. After that I scrub my mixture to my face in circular motion and leaving it for 3 minutes. If you want to try other Home remedies I have here the link below. Not guaranteed to be chick magnet, but guaranteed for a fine, fair skin.


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